I was referred to Nicole by my kinesiologist and will be forever grateful to her! Nicole has a very down to earth, honest and authentic approach. She is always spot on with her observations and compassionate guidance. I have made big leaps in my growth and have shifted so many things I have been struggling with for years since starting to see her. In person or online, I always leave with a wealth of information and guidance that helps me cope with everyday life and challenges.Thank you so much Nicole!!

Anna Nel

Nicole’s guidance saw me through some really challenging times. My sessions with her were a delight, a relief, and empowering. She offers a safe space to let go and open to what emerges. Her physical work nourished my body. And her sharing was often profound – I still recall and rely on some sessions for strength. How to express my gratitude?

Fiona McKay

Time spent with Nicole is not a one dimensional experience. I always leave feeling taller, better and stronger. I am a new me.

Adam Cowell

I was referred to Nicole at a time of intense existential and emotional anxiety. I needed to unselfconsciously express what was up for me.

I felt immediately at ease with Nicole.
She listens, responds and practices with sincerity, care and a certain lightness of being. The healer.

There’s an authenticity about her process, with each session evolving the way it is meant to. You may wish to talk and relate, opt for a Shiatsu treatment, or incorporate both.

Nicole provided invaluable guidance and treatment at a critical juncture of my journey.

Bryan Chennells

Nicole has a kind and gentle spirit and has the best interests of her client at heart. I have felt safe and contained in being able to explore parts of myself which have been forgotten and neglected. Nicole gently reminds me to explore what is best for me. Her intuition is strong and her guidance has really helped me on my own path and brought a sense of deep calm in moments when I have felt deeply distressed. I would highly recommend Nicole.

Lucinda van den Heever

Nicole is my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lifeline.

Her caring and professional approach ensures I always feel safe and supported in sessions. I am able to fully trust and deepen into what is expressed to facilitate my healing.

It is quite profound how I can start a session with the world on my shoulders and leave with such gratitude for my life and all that surrounds me.

As a regular trail runner and yoga student I have also found great relief in Nicole’s strong, intelligent Shiatsu hands. She has a way of finding the exact points for correction and release, and somehow at the same time tapping into more subtle layers while she’s at it. Much gratitude for keeping me moving!

Lindsay Voogt

I have been a client of Nicole’s for almost three years now. She was recommended to me by my Chiropractor and has played a pivotal role in my healing and recovery from burnout.

I found the process itself to be comprehensive and very relaxing. |It included the exploration of my energy as well as a treatment for my whole body as Nicole worked on meridian points to release tension and balance body energy. Within a relatively short period of time I experienced huge positive shifts both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I continue to see Nicole as often as time permits and would highly recommend her as a Shiatsu Therapist.

Dawn Lehmann

I got so much value from my session with Nicole. Nicole is easy to connect with and such an insightful and eye-opening soul! I would definitely recommend paying her a visit or 10, the experience is invaluable.

Dale Purdon

I started working with Nicole over 10 years ago. Initially it was just for physical stress relief and some back pain etc. After a few sessions I realised that what she does is so much deeper than the physical. She has helped me access and release some serious emotional pain and trauma. Her insights and advice are always so helpful and meaningful. Her body work is beyond anything I have experienced elsewhere – I can literally feel energy move as she works on me and always leave the session feeling light, expanded, invigorated and at peace. I trust her with all my deepest emotions and always feel very safe in her hands. 

Sarah Gardner

Nicole’s insight enable me to safely navigate life experiences not defined by the physical world. She is a safe and supportive guide.


A session with Nicole is a reset for my body-mind-soul. I make appointments with her when I feel out of sync with myself, stressed, sad, agitated, confused, fatigued or unwell. Nicole always manages to lift the clouds and help me find my strength, clarity and wholeness. I know that after an appointment with Nicole I will feel deeply heard and witnessed with an understanding that holds deep wisdom. She helps me to hear myself better; the worries, concerns and criticisms that seek mature and gentle acknowledgement. I find talking to Nicole more beneficial than talking to a psychotherapist because of her ability to hear what I’m saying in tune with my higher self, my guides, my soul. She helps me to identify this in a very practical and levelling way. And then we begin the bodywork, which will reveal a whole lot more about what I’m experiencing and how I am processing it. Nicole tunes into this all in a deeply intuitive way, understanding the subtitles of how energy moves in the body and how her touch and attention can settle, soften, strengthen, shift, lighten, enliven and ground the physical and emotional body. The bodywork is where the treatment is integrated and where stuck-ness or ill-ness can be given some direction to move and process. I always leave a session with Nicole with a lighter heart and more grounded body. She helps me to locate a sense of peace and clarity and to bring this into whatever it is that I’m dealing with at that moment. I leave the session with a greater sense of self-understanding, physical ease and the kind of inner-smile that comes from receiving compassionate healing from a truly kind and gifted healer.

Thalia Laric

Nicole’s incredible gift and ability to interoperate and communicate what my higher self and guides are asking of me has enabled me to understand and utilize the tools within to heal and transcend unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs playing out in my life. This has resulted in life changing transformations.

Within our sessions, Nicole has helped me understand the simplicity of healing, something which I previously found difficult to grasp, and although healing in itself is never easy, through this understanding I’ve been able to find peace consistently within the healing process.

I couldn’t recommend Nicole highly enough, and in-fact consistently recommend her to others.

Jason Baretta

Nicole helped me so much to re-balance and re-center myself. She truly has a healing touch. Her warm and welcoming nature always made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. After each session with Nicole I felt grounded and much more peaceful. She helped me tremendously with my anxiety. I highly recommend her.

Jamie-Lee Rosenberg