I have always had an affinity to be able to read people, and started using Tarot cards about twenty years ago to refine my ability. Now I don’t need to use them as the persons energy is clear without needing any tools. I’ve been doing energy readings for about three years.

I find that seeing the face and energy around the person is most useful. Remote readings without these just aren’t as powerful for me. Eye contact is also very useful.

In sessions there is energy healing that occurs, and  the guides and spiritual entourage will balance and clear you. If you request remote healing, then I offer that too. There is always a two way energy connection that happens in these sessions so shift is there.

I rely mostly on my guides ( a team of five currently) and ascended masters like Abraham and Arcturian energy.  St Germain, Mary Magdalene, Uriel, Metatron and Archangel Michael also help me. I have worked with many others, but it depends on the sessions and who comes in to assist.