What happens during an Energy Reading?

Over the years I have found that I am adept at understanding directives from my higher self and my guides, and from other peoples for their highest good.

It’s been a slow awakening to a realisation that I am able to assist people understand what is happening in their lives according to soul contract and purpose, and offer them guidance in this. 

I find that I can see the energy around a person and the guides help me understand what needs to be conveyed to help people understand how to make choices and move forward for their highest good. The vibrational resonance is very useful in this, as the guides and angelic realms and ascended masters assist in these matters.

How do Energy Readings work

I usually sit face to face with clients (or on Skype or WhatsApp video call) and let them tell me what is happening in their lives.

It helps for people to articulate what they are feeling and how they are navigating through any issues, to assist me getting in touch with their overall energy. Then usually they have questions in which the higher realms help me convey answers to them.


I offer two choices for Energy Readings.
A full session is 45 minutes and is charged at R750.
A reduced 30 minute session is charged at R550.

Sessions are run remotely, normally via Skype or WhatsApp video call.

When and how do I pay?

Payment by cash or card is preferred and is mandatory for all first-time clients.

Thereafter, you may also pay by EFT. Cheques are not accepted.