What happens during a Shiatsu session?

The practitioner begins by asking questions about the client’s physical and emotional well-being. Factors of interest include the client’s sleeping patterns, eating habits, environmental stresses, illnesses, digestive processes, relationship stress, emotional well being, and exercise habits. From what the practitioner learns from these questions as well as body energy and face diagnosis, they will apply a specific sequence of treatment.

During the treatment, the client remains fully dressed (Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes, no jeans or skirts!) and lays either on a mat on the floor, or on a plinth (massage table), depending on their needs and what variation of treatment has been chosen.

The therapist covers the client with a cotton cloth and starts working with her hands and fingers through the cotton cloth and clothing. Using deep pressure and rubbing and stretching movements, the client’s muscles are easily relaxed, leaving the therapist free to focus on pressure points with her elbows or fingers.

Many pressure points around the body will be firmly pushed while warming and easing muscles. The client will be directed to breathe deeply during the pushing of these pressure points in order to facilitate the movement of energy. Both direct and indirect areas will be targeted to deal for various ailments.

Some stretching of the clients’ arms and legs may be done before, during, or after the treatment.

At the close of the session the client is given time to come out of the treatment gently, and they’re given a glass of water to drink, this facilitates detoxification.


A Shiatsu treatment at my home practice costs R800.

I do require clients to complete a form before arriving so save on the time needed on arrival. Sessions last 45 minutes.

When and how do I pay?

Payment is made at the conclusion of the session. Payment by cash or card is preferred and is mandatory for all first-time clients.

Thereafter, you may also pay by EFT. Cheques are not accepted.