Corporate pampering

Many work environments are extremely stressful and demand a great deal – both emotionally and physically – of employees.

Corporate pampering can be employed both as a “release” after a particularly trying period, or simply as a feel good reward for hard-working staff.

It’s done on-site and takes the form of a short ‘Head, Neck and Shoulders’ treatment. These sessions, 20 minutes in duration per person, are given on my massage table or in a chair with the client is seated.

I’ve visited a number of companies on an ongoing basis and have found that these sessions enhance employee motivation and introduce a modicum of calm and centeredness into high-pressure environments. Employers often note that their employees seem to be able to work harder and more effectively after a little such pampering!

A maximum of 12 people can be handled per day and all that’s required is a small quiet space and a roster of attendance.

It’s important to note that while I might use Shiatsu techniques during corporate pampering, these sessions are not meant to be a substitute for a full length Shiatsu session.

Companies that I’ve worked for in the past include Spur, Milu, Medscheme, De Beers, Alexander Forbes and Parliament.

Corporate pampering is subject to quotation and availability. Email me  with your needs.